SmartKem: Driving the Display Revolution

SmartKem is the leading supplier of high performance truFLEX® organic semiconductor materials that enable the manufacture of thin-film transistor (TFT) arrays for use in conformal plastic display and electronic applications.

The SmartKem truFLEX® intelligent semi conductor technology platform has created strong traction with leading Asian display manufacturers and is currently being transferred into production to supply the latest consumer electronics applications.


Reshaping The Display And Electronics Industries

The overall plastic display market is anticipated at over 800 million units by 2022 and conformal OLED display is expected to be a mainstream technology within 2-3 years.

With current adoption into most leading smartphone brands by 2018, additional truFLEX® markets include automotive displays, wearables and consumer electronics goods.


SmartKem: Delivering The Future of Electronic Display, Today

SmartKem is backed by a first class group of investors including BASF, Octopus, Finance Wales and The Entrepreneurs Fund. The company is a winner of the Printed Electronics Asia Award for Best Advanced Material Development, the 2015 Innovative Product of Year for Wales and a finalist in the R&D 100 Awards 2015.

New Markets and New Opportunities

The display industry is changing. In the rapidly emerging drive for new and innovative OLED and LCD displays for wearable, mobile and large area applications, SmartKem has forged a position as a leading solution provider to the display industry for the manufacture of flexible conformal OLED andl LCD based products. Find out how you can join the display revolution…

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