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Lightweight super thin conformal electronic displays

The display market is currently undergoing a product revolution with the market entry of a new generation of  conformal displays that offer an exciting range of new user advantages. Driven by the demand for new user benefits and differentiated products,  lightweight, low power displays that are unbreakable and conformable are due to enter the market in the next few years.

A new world of electronic displays is about to become a commercial reality and will be anywhere and everywhere.

The SmartKem truFLEX® semiconductor transistor platform is at the forefront of this revolution offering all the advantages of improved user experience and utility.  It offers the potential for manufacturing cost reductions, using standard solution coat production over large areas at room temperature, without the need for vacuum.

All of this points toward a significant cost reduction of plastic OLED and LCD fabrication through the adoption of solution processing:

  • Improved material utilisation and speed over vacuum systems
  • Industry proven scalability for very large substrates
  • Compatibility with existing slit coat techniques
  • Industry proven methods for uniformity and repeatability control


Advantages for Conformal Display Consumer Experience

The indisputable advantage to the end product is significant. Not only do the form factors, weight and power consumption of existing display based applications improve but the potential to create unbreakable displays creates the opportunity for a vast range of new applications. The transition from glass-based displays to plastic front and back planes has the effect of:

  • New Form Factors
  • Durability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Slimness
  • Low Weight
  • Lower Cost

In this new emergent industry of unbreakable and conformal display products, SmartKem has forged a position as a leading supplier of high performance organic semiconductor technology. Coupled with the SmartKem ‘molecule to market’ approach, this has given display makers a low risk, low cost route to a whole new world of differentiated display based products.



The feel good factor with truFLEX®

The wearable revolution in an application centric world is expected to make a bigger impact than the smartphone and tablet with forecasts of 100b units being shipped by 2020.

Smartwatch displays are set to change the way we interact with information and is a technology that will become ever more personal and intimate. Key features in the evolution of the Smartwatch will be in how it looks, feels and performs.

The Smartkem unique truFLEX® semiconductor platform offers key advantages to the smartwatch display sector; complete flexibility in transistor drivers meaning conformal displays that bend and fit around the wrist combined with a transistor platform with the lowest power consumption on the market. truFLEX® based smartwatches beckons in a smartwatch that only needs weekly, not daily, charging – a major issue with current smartwatch technology today.

Out with chunky and in with the slim: Smartwatch displays driven by truFLEX® thin film transistors will be slim, soft, conform around your wrist and consume little power. They will look and feel comfortable  – offering every user a new unobtrusive window to a world of information on the move.

Contact SmartKem to find out how truFLEX® can enable you to make plastic OLED and LCD based wearables that make sense.

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Beyond the Curve to Foldable Displays

Lightweight, unbreakable, conformal and ultra-thin, these are just a few of the development targets for contemporary mobile display based consumer electronics. Over the past couple of years interest in plastic conformal displays that meet these needs has increased significantly, with the market for this plastic display technology predicted to expand to more than $21B by 2020.

It is becoming apparent that while these new display characteristics will vastly improve the user experience, the real ‘wow’ factor that will drive new product generation and adoption will come from being able to fold a display. Imagine being able to fold your lightweight phablet up to three times such that it can be used as a phone and pop into your top pocket.

Accessing a share of this lucrative industry is a primary goal for many developers. However, it has required fresh innovation into one of the most fundamental aspects of electronics – the semiconductor.  The SmartKem truFLEX® semiconductor platform is leading the way as the only transistor platform enabling developers and manufacturers a route to the manufacture of conformal LCD and narrow bend radius OLED displays.

Added to the potential for ultra-low power, new OLED and LCD product, truFLEX® semiconductors also offer vastly improved processability over their inorganic counterparts and can be applied through a variety of rapid and low cost coating methods, onto almost any substrate over large areas.

Join SmartKem in new product development that meets the mobile challenge.

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Conformal displays for the automotive Industry

Driven by demand from vehicle manufacturers for sleek-looking interiors and consumers who want the latest in infotainment, vehicle safety and vehicle connectivity on-the-go, the transport sector is expected to show the highest growth rate for the OLED market.

Offering a lightweight, plastic display platform that is highly conformable with the versatility to fit around the many curved spaces of a vehicle interior truFLEX® enabled OLED and LCD on plastic, rather than glass, is expected to dominate the automotive flexible display market in the near future.

Most importantly though, plastic is unbreakable.

Offering a superb quality display that in a highly robust format that is immune to everyday or accidental damage, plastic automotive displays will meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

New display based dashboards will be joined by radical new displays to eliminate vehicle blind spots and display rear view mirrors and indoor wing mirror displays.

This ergonomic use of technology or what we call ‘ergotech’ will allow vehicles to become mobile information hubs enabling driver and passengers to be engaged with the world around them in perfect safety whilst on the move.

With LCD based display already approved in the automotive industry, plastic-based flexible displays are now in pole position for mass adoption as the display format of choice for automotive brands.

Find out how truFLEX® can enable you to enter the automotive industry with a exciting new OLED and LCD product applications.

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Rugged, adaptable displays for any environment 

The radical new OLED and LCD plastic display format driven by truFLEX® is enabling a world of new and improved display applications. From embedded displays in the home on work surfaces to fridges to highly robust, unbreakable displays for medical, industrial or consumer  instrumentation, the possibilities are endless.

Plastic, unbreakable OLED and LCDs give us the opportunity to put an information portal everywhere and anywhere.  Highly rugged displays built for the most demanding applications, truFLEX® based plastic displays offer a new paradigm in display quality, robustness and cost.

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Markets-smaller-largeareaLarge Area and Transparent

Stunning large area displays in and out of the home

From large area OLED displays for advertising to fully transparent OLED displays for shop front advertising, the world of promotion is about to take a seismic shift in the quality of content. Large area OLED and LCD displays on plastic will change the way we interact with promotional content with wonderful dynamic advertising to interactive posters that communicate with your mobile phone or smartwatch.

Plastic OLED and LC displays driven by truFLEX® promise to make this dream a reality enabling all the benefits of plastic displays that are lightweight, thin and easily mounted onto any surface. This new form factor display manufactured through high yield solution coat production of truFLEX® TFT arrays offers manufacturing a route to bezel free, high-quality OLED and LC displays over large areas for the first time.

The world of large area plastic displays is about to bring a whole new world of information to us in our everyday lives.


The world of large area plastic displays  is about to bring a whole new world of information to us in our everyday lives.


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