Electronics Applications

A New Age of Conformal Electronics


Transistors form the bedrock of all modern electronics and continue to evolve and adapt to meet contemporary scientific and commercial demands. One particular challenge facing developers is the need for a new generation of consumer electronics incorporating conformability; therefore developing flexible wide area transistors is the source of intense research and fierce industrial competition.

truFLEX® conformal electronics allow the solution coating  of electronic circuits and components on common flexible media such as paper, plastic and textiles, using standard high throughput processes and equipment.

One of the main barriers to the growth of conformal electronic circuits was the ability to manufacture circuits using high-throughput, solution-coating techniques with the necessary semiconductor performance to allow fast logic circuits to be realised.

SmartKem have smashed through the speed barrier in transistor speed, realising record breaking fast solution-printed electronics, opening the door to a wide range of exciting application possibilities for low cost, thin, conformal and disposable RFID and NFC tags for the transmission of data from devices, sensors or objects, to active matrix touch screens or state of the art fingerprint sensors on plastic.

The enabling nature of materials innovation in driving forward the potential of flexible electronics, not just for application to smart, plastic electronics for the Internet of things has never been more clearly demonstrated.

SmartKem offers our partners and customers in electronics manufacture access to our unique blend of ‘molecule to market’ capability from materials synthesis, device modelling, design, fabrication and testing to application expertise in slit coat production systems.

With applications ranging from communications and sensing to healthcare and finance, securing a share of this potentially $300 billion industry is a primary commercial goal for developers.

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Markets-smaller-TouchscreenTouch Screen

Touch Screens with a Difference


 In a highly commoditised market, such as the touch screen market, there is an urgent drive to offer differentiated product functionality. From ever-improved touch capability to the ability to be conformal, the touch screen sector is changing rapidly to meet the need for the ultimate in improved user experience.

The SmartKem truFLEX® transistor platform allows touch capability, conformability and more. Using the truFLEX® high-speed transistor platform, touch screens can now be made into high-resolution active matrix touchscreens. This will enable the use of low cost passive pens for highly resolved document signatures to on screen fingerprint recognition for mobile or small area displays.

For large areas, the use of truFLEX® AM Touch will allow the ultimate in multi-user multi-touch capability for desk or wall based interactive and even transparent displays. A transistor platform that can be processed at room temperature using high throughput sheet to sheet, or roll to roll production, truFLEX® is ideally placed to enable a whole new world of touch screen functionality.

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Secure Solutions for eHealth and eCommerce


Fingerprint sensing technology is considered to be one of the most reliable & cost effective biometric technologies.  Its use is expected to grow rapidly in line with the growth of information flow via the Internet of Things (IOT) and the wide scale consumer use of smartwatches and smartphones for banking & finance, travel & migration, healthcare and smart homes. This is driving the development of new more secure, more user friendly, fingerprint recognition devices.  Tomorrow’s fingerprint sensors need to be highly secure, reliable and to be easily adapted to mobile-based technology. SmartKem’s truFLEX® technology can deliver this and more.

Using a truFLEX® based transistor platform, a 3D fingerprint recognition system is possible that offers 3D security with a detection platform that is simple and can be incorporated either into a display of a mobile device or onto a flexible sheet of plastic that is completely transparent.

The fingerprint sensors market is projected to grow to $14.5 Billion by 2020, why not find out how SmartKem and truFLEX® can give you the cutting edge in consumer security?

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Wearable Sensors for Quality of Life


Wearable and conformal sensor-based electronics are set to transform the way in which we live our lives.  The wearable electronics market is already in full development and will form a key component in the many eHealth applications of the future.

The monitoring of vital body statistics in real-time, offers beneficial data that can lead to enormous benefits in preventative consumer healthcare in addition to significant cost savings to health service providers.

truFLEX® is at the heart of this evolution in healthcare with a technology platform that can be used with any sensor type in an unbreakable, conformal form.

For example, SmartKem have shown the application of 3D pressure sensing e-Skin for robotics or prosthetics.  The company is in the process of developing a universal truFLEX® platform for wearable applications, all driven by our world record speed interrogation circuits.

Wearable sensors will form a key part of an extensive, ambient communication network, where data can be collected and monitored on an on-going basis; while at work, at home, on the move or at play. This will be fundamental platform for improving healthcare, lifestyle, work efficiency and general quality of life.

Wearable technology has the opportunity to affect everything we do in day-to-day life and change the way we see, sense and interact with our environment.

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Markets-smaller-internetofthingsInternet of Things

The IoT communication platform of choice


The smartphone and smartwatch have driven consumption of digital information in a portable, convenient way and we now expect a constant stream of informative data to help us in our daily lives.

To meet this demand, technology developers are exploring opportunities to connect many more items in the physical world to the digital network, not just wearables, but also ‘nearables’ in the form of objects or consumer goods or adverts.

The key components of this new digital network or the Internet of Things (IoT) is the means to interact with people, objects and places as we move through our daily lives. The core components to achieve this are widely seen to be RFID and NFC devices.

IoT needs an electronics platform that is pervasive, unobtrusive and can be integrated in many different ways. Versatility and robustness will be significant advantages. Larger, bulkier electronic components are due to make way for thin film electronics that can be seamlessly integrated in various scenarios and can deliver the functionality needed at a low cost.

One of the main barriers to the growth of solution coated electronics for RFID and NFC was the ability to manufacture circuits using high-throughput, solution-coating techniques with the necessary semiconductor performance to allow fast logic circuits to be realised in standard digital circuits, such as ring oscillators.

SmartKem’s truFLEX® semiconductors have broken through the ‘speed’ barrier in transistor performance and now offer the IoT industry a means to realising fast, solution-printed, low cost electronics that are super-thin, unbreakable, low power and most importantly can operate at the speeds needed for RFID and NFC applications for people, devices, sensors and objects.

The IoT is a much-talked-about megatrend and is now firmly established in the technology roadmap of electronics firms, manufacturers, multinationals, online services providers and many other potential stakeholders.

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