SmartKem Welcomes News of Chinese Flexible Display Production Line

China tech

SmartKem, the leading developer of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of low power, rugged and lightweight LCD and OLED displays, is welcoming the news coming out of China regarding the country’s first production line for flexible display.

China Start Optoelectronics Technology or CSOT, a subsidiary of Chinese smart product maker TCL Corp, has announced building work on a 35bn yuan ($5bn) Gen 6 flexible OLED display production line in Central China’s Wuhan city has begun.

The move would make China a global supplier of flexible and foldable OLED displays for an array of small and medium size display products such as wearables and smartphones.

Flexible OLED displays are seen as the best route to displays that are physically flexible and have a higher contrast and wide visual angles when compared to traditional LCD panels. The production line in question is expected to be commercialised in Q2 of 2019, and by 2020, its annual output will reach 1.16 million square meters – enough to produce 5% of the world’s AMOLED smart phones.

SmartKem has described the move as a key indicator in the evolution of the display industry – towards better performance and differentiated product. Chinese display manufacturers are keen to get ahead of the curve – or Korea to be more precise – and take a market lead in bringing exciting new display products to market.

SmartKem is no stranger to the sector with commercial agreements with some of the industries major display makers to develop OTFT based displays on both glass and plastic. The UK-based company is a developer of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of low power, unbreakable and lightweight LCD and OLED displays.

Indeed, SmartKem recently announced the successful transfer of its OTFT platform to a Gen 2.5 production line in Asia – a first for the display industry. Now adoption is underway in display manufacturing plants in Asia, SmartKems OTFT platform is fulfilling a need in the rapidly emerging drive for new to deliver innovative LCD and OLED displays that offer lower power consumption and thin and lightweight form factors.