Smartkem’s TRUFLEX® semiconductor and dielectic inks, or electronic polymers, are used to make a new type of transistor that will revolutionize the display industry.

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Using its TRUFLEX® semiconductor and dielectric inks, or electronic polymers, Smartkem has developed a full six-layer transistor stack design and process. Smartkem’s core chemistry involves its electronic polymers being processed at an industry-comparatively low temperature of 80°C and solution deposited, onto low-cost substrates of either plastic or glass.

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The global display industry is ready for disruption. Today’s display manufacturers are seeking to improve brightness, resolution, power efficiency and lifetime; all of which are needed to deliver the next generation of technologies that will propel us into an enhanced visual world. There is no existing display solution, either large or small scale, at a low enough cost, to achieve this. Smartkem is poised to transform the display industry with its low temperature printing processes that are compatible with existing manufacturing infrastructure to deliver low-cost displays that outperform existing models. Smartkem’s electronic polymer platform can be used in a number of display technologies including microLED, miniLED and AMOLED displays for next generation televisions, laptops, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, smartwatches and smartphones.


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The TRUFLEX® materials stack is a breakthrough technology comprising six individually designed material formulations covering every single layer in the device, starting from the initial OTFT base layer, all the way through to the final passivation layer chemistry. The ink set includes the active organic semiconductor formulation and a series of orthogonal passive interlayer inks (Base layer, Self-Assembled Monolayer, Organic Gate Insulator, Sputter Resistant Layer and Passivation layer). Smartkem’s proprietary materials set is covered by an extensive IP portfolio comprising 125 granted patents across 19 patent families and 40 codified trade secrets.

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