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    Our Values

    Effective Communication

    In a fast pace and dynamic working environment, we communicate effectively and in a timely manner within and between teams, as well as with our customers, to build trust and ongoing cooperation. Through participation in online forums and open brainstorming sessions, we ensure that the very best ideas are heard, any concerns are addressed, and we continue to learn and grow as individuals.


    Here at Smartkem, we are reshaping the world of electronics and are at the cutting-edge of the technologies of the future. With our exceptionally talented team and their creative thinking, we are delivering solutions that will change the landscape of electronics as we know it. We learn from and challenge each other to achieve excellence for our customers.

    Working Together

    The key to success in any business is its people. At Smartkem we pride ourselves on our team of exceptionally talented individuals that come together to collaborate and achieve excellence for our customers. Our highly skilled teams ensure that goals and deadlines are met efficiently through effective communication, problem-solving, encouragement and support, whilst recognising and championing each member’s individual talents and strengths.


    At all levels of the business, we value our peers and colleagues and treat each other with respect and care. We celebrate diversity in the workplace and create an environment of inclusivity. We are mindful of the way in which we deliver any constructive feedback in order to build lasting relationships and create an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. We work with our customers in partnership and ensure that mutual satisfaction is achieved.

    Honesty and Integrity

    We operate with honesty, integrity and transparency. We celebrate our successes and acknowledge and resolve any shortfalls. By ensuring that we communicate honestly with our customers we develop and build lasting trust and ongoing relationships. As a public company, we will diligently comply with all requirements to meet standards and regulations.



    We believe in rewarding our employees and offering competitive compensation packages. This includes a 6% pension contribution and firm stock options. Smartkem will pay for your annual professional body subscription if you are a member. Our UK locations also offer a free weekly meal and free parking.



    You get full private medical insurance, as well as flexible working hours. Between 9am and 5pm, life goes on, and if you need extra help, as we all do, we have an Employee Assistance Programme with legal and financial support, face-to-face counselling, and a multitude of online wellbeing resources. We also encourage everyone to establish a Wellness Action Plan to better understand specific needs.



    Smartkem is a global change agent, and teamwork is essential to our continued success. You will be working alongside industry thought leaders at our state-of-the-art offices in Manchester and Sedgefield.

    Annual Leave


    Taking time away from our jobs is essential to re-energize our bodies and minds. You will get 28 days + Bank Holidays per year, for a total of 36 days.


    Sustainability Commitment


    In line with our commitment to offset as much of our carbon footprint as possible, Smartkem has formed a partnership with Oblong Trees. This UK-based company does incredible work planting more trees and helping us all to build towards a more sustainable future. Initially, in 2022, we will be planting over 11,500 trees globally and we estimate our trees will remove over 7,000 tonnes of carbon during their lifetime. This is just the start, though. Smartkem is committed to building upon these efforts as we all strive towards net zero and beyond.